Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit

PRODUCT: Benefit Stay Don’t stray

COST:  $30

BOUGHT AT:  Sephora (at the advice of a beauty consultant)

I have been really annoyed lately at the way my sunscreen and the rest of my makeup are interacting.  I get clumps and pills when I try to add my foundation, and no matter what I try to prime my eyelids with, my eyeliner smudges and moves around and gets all over my lids.

Someone in Sephora suggested I try this primer to stop the makeup migration.  And because I have been looking at it for ages, I also grabbed the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.  Neither of these purchases are compatible with my cheapskate mentality but I have been wanting that liner for ages, so oh well.

First impressions:  The color is very very yellowy.  It makes my eye area look quite different from the rest of my face.  I’m not wearing my face-makeup yet at this point, just my pre-makeup potions and my CeraVe AM moisturizer-sunscreen.  So far it’s the best I’ve been able to find, foundaiton interaction wise.  I do put it on my eyelids.

10 mins later:  creases

The 10 min time lapse is because  blowdry my hair while my sunscreen is absorbing.  When I came back to my makeup-station, the primer had already creased up in my eyelides.  I smoothed it all back down again and added my foundation to the rest of my face (I’m using a mixture of MISSHA Perfect Cover in #21, and Paula’s Choice All Bases Covered in Sand.  The combo seems to make the right shade on me.)  I brush everything over with e.l.f. powder foundation and a kabuki brush.

 The after: Kat Von D Tattoo liner, I love you.

The primer did seem to stop the tatto liner from getting onto my eyelids, I kept my eyes closed while it dried and it’s apparently stuck in place.

“That’s just my face, sir”

I’m wearing my Cailyn lip balm from the April IPSY bag.  Not bad!

THE VERDICT:  I wouldn’t buy this again, but I will use it until the bottle is empty.

              (Under $30) A bit pricy

                                      Just OK

cats, cats, cats

I only have 2 cats.  But I take a lot of pictures of them so it may appear that I have more.

It probably shouldn’t surprise you to know that my little designer cats were actually a deal.  (I say this as a loving joke, though even though they are bengals, I actually got them from a friend who couldn’t take care of them any more.  They are sweet, and they are wild.  They play and play and play until they pass out.  Once they are rested they wake up and play again.

They are 5, so pretty much teenagers at this point.

This is Mia

She a spotted bengal, and lighter colored than her sister.

Queen of the Scratching Post

She’s a brat, vocal and very curious.  Sometimes I worry that she really doesn’t seem to have much of a “self preservation” instinct.  But that’s OK, I’m looking out for her.

This is Apolla.

I see you…..

She’s a marbled bengal, very shy and very much a “girl cat.”  She don’t need no human love (she does follow me around a little, but only lets me pet her on her terms.)  When her and Mia fight, we usually cheer for Apolla since she’s a little uncoordinated, a little insecure, and usually the fights start as surprise attacks from her sister.

So there they are, my girls.  If anyone reading this knows how to stop them from treating my stairs like a scratching post, I would appreciate that.



IPSY April 2014

IPSY sends out a package of surprises in the GLAM BAG (well, they spoil the surprise right before they ship, but when you but you don’t know what you are getting so it starts as a surprise.)  


COST:  $10 a month (it’s $10 + $4.95 shipping)  Use my referral link to join if you want to share the love!

DELIVERY:  Ships Mid Month (Canada was a bit behind the US shipping from what I saw online)

WAITLIST:  Yes.  But if you refer someone they will move you off it.



The first item was the bag itself.  IPSY products always come packaged in a makeup bag, this one is underwhelming. It’s OK, but I won’t go out of my way to use it.


 New IPSY Glam Bag!  The goodies!



 Looks So Natural Lash by KISS: $3.99


The value of this product is listed as $3.99 on their website.  I won’t be trying these for a while, I don’t often wear fake eyelashes, but next time I am dressed up for something fancy I’ll try them out.  I’m really glad I got the natural looking ones instead of an overly glam set.


Lollitint by Benefit:  (This is a sample, Full size, $30)


This is a neat product and a look forward to using it.  It’s very very pink when put on thick (left), but blends well (right.)  Cheek and lip tint.

Swatched on my inner arm, which is paler than me cheek.



White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse by City Color: $3.99 


This is a foamy thick gel like shadow.  It went on a bit yellow on me (check out the swatches at the bottom of the page) but I think I can make it work if I blend it well with other colors.  


Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil (Travel size)


Three travel sized pencils are between $18 and $20, so I guess this is worth around $7.  It’s a decent size, and went on smooth like butter.  I love a good eyeliner, and I’m very happy to have this one!


Tinted Lip Balm by Cailyn In Acid Pink: $19


The color (ACID PINK) was kind of scary in the container.  I thought it was going to be ridiculous looking and way too bright.  I swatched it on my hand and still thought it looked way to bright.   But on my lips it’s great!  Pink, yes.  But I guess it’s the right pink for me, because I really like it.


 Swatches!  Below each swatch is the product. 



 Overall, I’m happy with this bag.  It doesn’t have the value to me that I was hoping, but I will use all of the products.




(Under $20) Cheapskate Approved!


    (Will use all products) Good Buy!


e.l.f. Studio Brush Shampoo

I was ordering from e.l.f. and when I saw this brush shampoo in the brushes section it occurred to me that I don’t clean my brushes enough.  Possibly because I don’t have brush shampoo.  This was only $3 so I threw it in the cart.  Last halloween I used my foundation brush to apply blue makeup to my face for my Neytiri costume, and I had to wash it 5 or 6 times (using oil, makeup remover, and dish soap, repeatedly.)  I had little faith that any kind of brush shampoo would do a better job, since in my experience nothing removes makeup better than baby oil and then a wash with a cleansing agent.  Despite my skepticism, I ordered the e.l.f Studio Brush Shampoo  and this morning I gave it a try.


My dirty brush.  I’ve been using it for…. longer than I would like to admit without cleaning it.

Dirty.  I should take better care of my brushes.




 This is the shampoo.  Kind of thick and shampoo like.


I mashed the brush into the shampoo and tried to work the shampoo into the bristles.  

Rince, and review.  The verdict?  Clean!



All in all I’m happy with how clean my brush came out!  This e.l.f. product exceeded by expectations  which shouldn’t be surprising, most e.l.f. products do.



                                   Works Great!


 (Under $10) Cheapskate Approved!