e.l.f. Studio Brush Shampoo

I was ordering from e.l.f. and when I saw this brush shampoo in the brushes section it occurred to me that I don’t clean my brushes enough.  Possibly because I don’t have brush shampoo.  This was only $3 so I threw it in the cart.  Last halloween I used my foundation brush to apply blue makeup to my face for my Neytiri costume, and I had to wash it 5 or 6 times (using oil, makeup remover, and dish soap, repeatedly.)  I had little faith that any kind of brush shampoo would do a better job, since in my experience nothing removes makeup better than baby oil and then a wash with a cleansing agent.  Despite my skepticism, I ordered the e.l.f Studio Brush Shampoo  and this morning I gave it a try.


My dirty brush.  I’ve been using it for…. longer than I would like to admit without cleaning it.

Dirty.  I should take better care of my brushes.




 This is the shampoo.  Kind of thick and shampoo like.


I mashed the brush into the shampoo and tried to work the shampoo into the bristles.  

Rince, and review.  The verdict?  Clean!



All in all I’m happy with how clean my brush came out!  This e.l.f. product exceeded by expectations  which shouldn’t be surprising, most e.l.f. products do.



                                   Works Great!


 (Under $10) Cheapskate Approved!



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