cats, cats, cats

I only have 2 cats.  But I take a lot of pictures of them so it may appear that I have more.

It probably shouldn’t surprise you to know that my little designer cats were actually a deal.  (I say this as a loving joke, though even though they are bengals, I actually got them from a friend who couldn’t take care of them any more.  They are sweet, and they are wild.  They play and play and play until they pass out.  Once they are rested they wake up and play again.

They are 5, so pretty much teenagers at this point.

This is Mia

She a spotted bengal, and lighter colored than her sister.

Queen of the Scratching Post

She’s a brat, vocal and very curious.  Sometimes I worry that she really doesn’t seem to have much of a “self preservation” instinct.  But that’s OK, I’m looking out for her.

This is Apolla.

I see you…..

She’s a marbled bengal, very shy and very much a “girl cat.”  She don’t need no human love (she does follow me around a little, but only lets me pet her on her terms.)  When her and Mia fight, we usually cheer for Apolla since she’s a little uncoordinated, a little insecure, and usually the fights start as surprise attacks from her sister.

So there they are, my girls.  If anyone reading this knows how to stop them from treating my stairs like a scratching post, I would appreciate that.




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