Julep Welcome Box

Julep Maven is a subscription nail polish / care box service.    You can pick just nails, or they can include makeup as well.

It’s $20 a month, which is one of the priceier boxes.  But they let you try it free!  Enter the promo FREEBOX and you get what’s below (I included an add-in, but I talk about that below)

 I had it shipped to work, so this was a little embarrassing.  I guess I could (should) probably have checked out what their packaging was like before I did that.


It did look really nicely displayed once I got it opened up though!  I ordered the boho glam welcome box and added on “The Resort Collection” which was 4 minis (3 colors and a top coat) 


The Boho Glam welcome box

The Boho Glam Colors were:

  • Michelle – Navy Blue
  • Stevie – Sort of sheer silvery metal color

The nail polishes are listed at $14 on their site, but as a Maven you don’t pay full price on purchases outside the monthly box, so they would be $11.20.  Pricy.  And they are small as well.

 The Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum: $19.99

I would not repurchase this.  I don’t think it’s really doing anything for my cuticles, and I’ve been using it for a few days.  Definitely wouldn’t pay $19.99 for it.

 This is all of the polishes.  The 4 on the right are the Resort Collection add on for $12.99 and that got me free shipping:

  • Lani – It Girl: Mediterranean teal blue crème
  • Anita – Bombshell: Berry sorbet crème
  • Malia – Classic with a Twist: Brilliant coral crème
  • Freedom Polymer Top Coat

I love these bright colors.  The original price of the minis was $28, but they are on sale now on the site for $11.99.


I really look forward to trying these out!


Total cost of the welcome box:  $12.99 (really just the purchase of the Resort Collection)

Total Value:  $75.99


Not a bad haul!


I’m now a subscriber to the Julep Maven program, and I’ll see how I feel about the value of it once I get to actually paying for the box.  But for now, for great polishes and nice colors, I’m happy!



(Under $30) Cheapskate Semi Approved!

This is more than I would normally spend, but for great quality I’m ok with it.


    (Will use all products) Good Buy!

All are great quality, and I like them a lot!



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