imPress Review (Influenster VoxBox)

I have to admit.  When I was chosen by Influenster to review imPress press on manicure, my initial reaction was less than enthusiastic.  They brought to mind fake nails I’ve tried, and my past experience with that kind of product was underwhelming.  I’m a beauty junkie, but I’m very active, plus I wear contacts!  Fake nail claws coming at my eyes while I was trying to put my contacts in was enough to have me ripping them off after about a day.  The ones I hadn’t broken by that point, that is.

This is my first Influenseter VoxBox, and I was genuinely bummed that I’d have to put up a negative review because I was sent a product that was sooooo not me.

In comes imPress.

This is what it looks like now that I’ve used half of them.

This is why you should take a before picture BEFORE you use a product

 This is the other color I was sent.

I’m kind of excited to use this one now that I have the hang of putting them on.  They look kind of Day of the Dead to me.

 The before.  My nails look like shit.  I have been trying to get them into better condition but the second I neglect them, this is what they look like again.  It’s frustrating and upsetting.  I don’t bite them I swear!

Putting them on:  Simple.  Really really simple.  Once applied they look like this:

  Too long.

 So I trimmed them down to my real nail length.  I think I was supposed to use the little piece of sand paper in the box to do this, but since I was taking so much length off that would have taken ages.  I just cut them with nail scissors.  They look really good and really natural!  I’m happy!  I’m impressed!

First Impressions:  They flex a bit, which is good.  This means they won’t break off the second they get caught against something.  They look natural, which is important to me, and are solidly stuck on.

Quality: So far I’m happy with the quality.  I’ve had them on for 2 days and they aren’t lifting or shifting, and they don’t show any signs of wear at all.  I have this habit of clicking my nails against my desk and each other all day long when they get any longer than the past the end of my finger, and i’ve been doing that for 2 days now without issue.  You can’t see where I cut them, either, which is very good. I was admittedly concerned there would be plasticy white edges.


But do they stay put?: I didn’t think about my plans for the next day when I applied these.  I applied them on a Monday.  Tuesday is Deadlift day.  I didn’t expect this to go well.

I don’t have a photo of my nails while I’m deadlifting, gym selfies are not my style.  I do, however, have a picture of my nails taken while sitting in my car post-deadlifting:

 All in one piece!  Color me impressed (ba-ding-tsh)

Cost:  I found imPress press on manicure on WalMarts website for $5.97.  The bottle contains enough nails for 2 uses, which puts this product on the pricier side since they are single use.

Final Thoughts: These are really great.  I like the way they look, they look and feel natural, and they are easy to use.  I think I’d really like to use these on vacation (beach vacations) since regular nail polish in heat and humidity is sticky gross and disastrous.  For me, they are expensive for everyday use, but for special occasions I definitely recommend giving them a shot!

 Cheapskate Semi Approved!

While it isn’t a lot of money, it’s very expensive on a per use cost basis


  Solid product, would purchase.


voxbox-blogimage-popup2I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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