Cat Psychology: Feliway smells like burning plastic?

This can’t be right.  My two feliway diffusers smell like burning plastic and are really really hot to the touch.  The last thing that I need is a house fire, and I’m concerned that’s the direction we are going…..  I unplugged them last night since my whole main floor smelled like a ski shop and I was worried.

What a waste.

I’m going to try to return them, but I got them on Amazon so I’ll see how that goes…  I imagine I’ll end up paying for all the shipping.


EDIT:  I shipped them back.  I don’t want to burn my house down.  GAH That would be so awful.  I’m going to have to try the spray, I’ll have to go pick some up tomorrow at the pet store.  My picky girls also need new food, I think I MAYBE found some that Mia will actually eat.  YAY


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