Cat Psychology: Healthy Cats, Happy Cats

My girls have finally both been checked out by their vet, and the results are in.  Image

I really hope to not have to take Apolla in to the vet again in the near future, the car ride was extrememly stressful for her, she cried and cried and cried, louder than I’ve ever heard her meow.  She peed inside her carrier.  The poor girl was just exhausted by the time we got her home. 

Mia was far less upset about the trip.  She likes her carrier, and actually sleeps in it sometimes.  She wasn’t thrilled by the car ride, but the vets office was an amazing world of new smells and things to explore.

They are healthy, aside from Apolla possibly needing to lose a bit of weight.  (This is tricky as Apolla steals all the food and Mia prefers to graze.  Little jerk.)  The good news is that the bathroom problems aren’t health related. It seems that it was just territorial.  Which is I guess good, but it means we will still need to keep looking for things that make her feel territorial and insecure, or she will keep spraying.

One thing that seems to have helped a ton is keeping the window by their litter boxes closed.  My husband had this idea, since some of the neighbours have dogs and we already know that our girls really don’t like dogs.  Apolla especially it seems.  Closing the window has really really helped, as has the NEW feliway plug in I bought from the vet.  This one doesn’t smell like burning plastic, so that’s a bonus.  It seems to be relaxing Apolla and making her feel secure.  

We also bought new litter boxes that are much bigger and seem more sanitary.  Their old ones were quite small so I think these are much better.

So far there has been no spraying since we closed the window, so hopefully that’s the answer.  


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