What’s a Memebox?

Memebox is a Korean beauty box service that ships from Korea to Canada and the US (and quite a few other countries). In each Memebox, you get 6-8 Korean beauty products, some are deluxe samples and some are full sizes. The normal box is $23 + shipping (and not shipping per box but per order, so if you order multiples it’s a way better deal. Superboxes, like the one reviewed here, are between $29 and $39 This particular one was $39, I bought it during a $10 off sale.

You can earn “meme points” as well for additional discounts, and the way and number you earn is varied and seems a little random. If you want one click here if you would like to use my affiliate link and give me some sweet sweet points or dollars or something. You get 3 memepoints just for signing up right now, which is a $3 value!

On to the box!

Memebox #12

This box is heavy on the hair and body products, and not in a good way.

The goods

  1. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 
  2. Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 
  3. Plagentra White Mark Cream 
  4. Plagentra White Mark Lotion, Cream, Massage Cel (sample sachets)
  5. Lvida Nail Polish (blue)
  6. Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream
  7. Palan Crysence Organic Essence


Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment (50ml, $3)


OK.  Hair loss treatment may be handy for some people, I’ll admit that.  But for the demographic that is into Memebox, somehow I doubt this is going to be a hit.


Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack (12g, $2.52)


INGREDIENTS:  Shea butter, macadamia seed oil, trehalose, honey extract, edelweiss extract, calendu la flower extract, chamomile flower extract (I found theses on Tester Korea, it’s so aggravating when products don’t just list the ingredients on the box.) 

After entering the ingredients in Cos DNA I’m pretty happy to see that there is nothing irritating or acne triggering. 

This is something I do look forward to trying.  I have dry skin, but I’ve been intrigued by clay masks for a while, and I’m glad I got a sample of what looks like a pretty good one.


Plagentra White Mark Cream (15g, $5.70)


This is stretch mark cream.  The product description claims it’s scientifically approved for treating overly stretched skin and to blanace out any uneven skin tone on your body.  OK.  

I put stretch mark creams into the same category as I put cellulite and other slimming creams.  Sometimes they can make nice lotions, but that’s about all they are. I’ll try it and I see if it can prove me wrong.


Plagentra White Mark Lotion, Cream, Massage Cel (sample sachets)

These are just sample of the rest of the line for getting rid of stretch marks.  


Lvida Nail Polish (blue) (Full Size, $7)

This is cute, and I will use it.  I like blue nail polish.


Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream (Full Size, $43)


I hate this kind of product.  I almost always get a weird scale like rash across my shins (if it works to remove hair.)  This one is supposed to be for sensitive skin, but it’s a spray, which I generally find kind of hard to control and get on evenly.  


Palan Crysence Organic Essence (Full Size, $72)


More hair product.  This one is “non greasy”  (it’s a little greasy, but I’m ok with that in a hair serum) and very herbal.

Total Value:  $133.22

I wouldn’t pay anything close to $72 for hair serum though, which in my mind decreases the value of the box by about $50.)

I’m pretty disappointed with this box.  I love trying new products, and the sunscreen, shiny water pack and eye cream alone make this box well worth the cost.  I’m excited to order more from memebox since their boxes seem to be really really good value and have great products (because high value products I don’t like aren’t going to be worth much to me.)

The total value of this box is $165 in products.  I’d remove the Dewy Tree 7 Cut from the “value to me” price, making it still a $125 box.

(Under $30) Cheapskate Approved because it’s so high value!

    Just OK, probably will use some, but not all.


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