LIPMONTHLY – June 2014


It finally came. Lip monthly is very new, in fact this is only the second box ever. This box is normally $10 a month, plus an additional shipping fee that’s around $5 if you live in Canada like me. For this box I used a $5 off code (which I believe is still valid SUMMERLIPS) so I got this box for just over $10 with exchange rates, ect, all in. 20140707-195310-71590293.jpg

The Goods:

Lipology – Anti-Feathering Stick ($3.99)

I admittedly had never heard of anti-feathering sticks.  It is supposed to help lip stick not migrate off the lips.  It feels like lip gloss on the lips, and has no color on its own.

Mary Kate and Ashley – Lip Foils ($4.99)

There are very….. foil like.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with them.  Probably not wear them.

lol – Lots of Love – Lip Stick ($1.25)

This is light, cheap feeling, and orangy.  I won’t use this.

Essie Purifying Hand Treatment ($3.99ish on Ebay)

This is intersting.  It’s like a serum for hands.  Kind of comes out as a whitish liquidy goop.  It smells like hippies, yet no respectable hippie would ever use an alcohol based hand bacteria killer.  (Which this may or may not be, based on various things I found online and the fact that alcohol is the second ingredient.)




Yep.  That’s what I thought it looked like too.

I already unsubscribed from this subscription box. Regardless of the fact that I did get my money’s worth, there isn’t a single thing here that I would ever buy myself, or a single brand that I will buy again.  I was rooting for them as a new company, but I’m not willing to spend $15ish a month (now that my $5 off is no longer valid) to stick around and see if things get better.

(Under $20) Cheapskate Approvedish, but not for this box

   Not likely to use the products.



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