Green Pearl Mud Mask from Memebox

Ok. Live blogging the stinky Green Pearl Mud experience right here right now.

Application: Can confirm that the sewageish type smell is the dominant smell I’m experiencing. I’m sitting here in my bathroom with the fan on to hopefully get rid of the smell quickly.

About 3 mins: It just feels like cold mud on my face so far. It’s tingling a bit on my chest. Hopefully not because of an allergic reaction, I didn’t exactly do a thorough spot testing on this (so really if I break out it’s my own fault.)

After 5 mins: It’s feeling tighter about 5 mins after application. The smell hasn’t disappeared but I think it’s fading. Or I’m getting used to it.

After 8 mins: It’s feeling tighter and more tingly on my chest. I think I better remove it from there….

After 9 mins: I just realized I forgot to bring a towel and there are no clean ones in the bathroom. My inlaws are here and I don’t want to run through my house looking for a towel with stinky mud on my face. What to do…..

After 10 mins: now I’m on a mission to get a towel. I’m in the ensuite bathroom, and of course all the windows in the bedroom are wiiiiiiide open. I can’t put a shirt on without getting mud on it.

After 12 mins: fuck it. I’m just going to shower my face feels like a rock. And looks like this:


I can’t move my face. This dried really fast.

I asked if they would help but they don’t seem to care about my towel situation


After 15 mins: I still haven’t figured out my towel situation. But I need to wash this off so I’m going to shower.

Verdict: my skin feels dried out but smooth. At least I didn’t break out.

One thought on “Green Pearl Mud Mask from Memebox

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