Memebox Coupon Code and a Giveaway

I haven’t been buying things lately, but for those not tortuing themselves with nobuys, Membox has released their $5 coupon code

You can get a $5 coupon too

For October enter: 9ZCL

For $5

The reason for this post is that Memebox is doing a Free Giveaway (ha, their words, I guess some giveaways aren’t free?) contest!
Here is the details:
Dates: Oct. 9 – Oct 20th, 2014
Qualification: International, anyone can enter (have your parents permission if you are younger than 18).  We will choose 30 winners that will be announced on Oct. 22nd.
1. Sign up with Memebox and subscribe to our newsletter

2. Leave a comment, like and share both Vagabond posts on Facebook and Instagram

Yay, enjoy, ect.

I’ll be sulking at home with no new stuff for a while.

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