For some reason these were very difficult to photograph, they really really wanted to be out of focus.  I got small jars of each of Cloud Kingdom, Demon Soul, Desecration, Candied Apple, Deepmoss

I really like these colors, they are really pigmented and sparkley, and most of them are duocrome colors.

With a flash:   Cloud Kingdom, Demon Soul, Desecration, Candied Apple, DeepmossDSC_0016

Without a flash:  Cloud Kingdom, Demon Soul, Desecration, Candied Apple, Deepmoss


I swatched these twice because the first didn’t show well.


I really like these, and they highlight how badly I need to invest in a great primer to make my indie shadows pop.  Candied Apples and Deepmoss need it the most I think, those colors are just amazing with even my crappy primer under them.


I think it’s safe to say I have fallen for indie makeup.


The cost of these was about $3.30 each, I bought minis so I could test them out and I think that size works really well, since I like to buy new things so often.  Femme Fatale is in Australia, which means shipping was completely ridiculous, but they were one of very few companies I could find that would ship nail polish to me in Canada.  (Nail polish review will be coming up soon.)  I was able to combine all these shadows with 6 nail polishes, for a total shipping charge of $20.10.  This order cost more than I had intended to spend, so I’m very glad that I’m so happy with everything in it!