IPSY June 2014



What’s an IPSY: IPSY sends out a package of surprises in the GLAM BAG (well, they spoil the surprise right before they ship, but when you but you don’t know what you are getting so it starts as a surprise.)

COST:  $10 a month (it’s $10 + $4.95 shipping)  Use my referral link to join if you want to share the love!

DELIVERY:  Ships Mid Month (Canada is a bit behind the US shipping from what I saw online)

WAITLIST:  Yes.  But if you refer someone they will move you off it.

This month was…. probably great for someone who is not me.  I didn’t like it at all, and I’ve overcompensated by taking some nicer pictures of it than I usually do.  Gotta get excited about something, right?

Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner:  $4.99



I’m sure there is someone that this looks great on.  IImage unfortunately do not think that person is over 25.  As a 31 year old, I will never use this. 








NYX Butter Gloss: $5

This I actually do like  It is buttery, and the color is good for me.Image

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil: $13

Good value, though when I swatched it I was unimpressed as it caked a bit.  I don’t do my brows on a regular basis, so I haven’t tried it on my face yet.  I’ll try it and we will see, maybe it will convert me.  The color is right for me at least!














Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Styling Cream:  The full size is $12, the sample is tiny and I will probably use it twice before it’s empty.  I actually would have been pretty happy if they sent the surf spray, but I have probably 6 or 7 different kinds of anti frizz stuff, I really don’t need any more.





Realtree for her:  $0 because no sane person would ever pay for a perfume sample.

This smells like a combination of bar bathroom and air freshener.  

It reminds me of the body sprays people used to use to cover up the cigarette smell so their parents wouldn’t notice.Image

The Bag:  I actually like this bag.  It’s cute, seems to be good quality, and is a good size.  














The swatches:  NYX, OFRA, Nicka K















I’m about 1 more bag away from unsubscribing from ipsy.  I’m just not getting value or products I like or want to try.  But for now:

(Under $20)

   I will use the products that I like, but I don’t expect to buy any, and the value to cost just isn’t there this month.