13 Gypsies Perfumery – INDIE Review

I don’t remember how I cam across 13 Gypsies, but I liked the descriptions when I found them, and the price was good so I decided to give them a try.


These were on sale for $3 each dram, plus $5.95 for the shipping – very good for sending things to Canada, most places charge about $7 regardless of what I order.  (Prices are in USD)


The turnaround wasn’t great, I ordered on Oct 4 and recieved it on Oct 27.  Things do often take a while to get to Canada, but this was a bit longer than usual.


On to the perfumes.

The packaging was really nice.  Unfortunately I completely derped my photos of the wrapping and they look like crap so I won’t post them.


But here are the bottles. They are really simple and clean looking.

Sweet Violet: violet and sugar

This smells very medicinally floral right out of the bottle, sweet and fake.  On drydown it’s all floral and makes me think of someone’s grandmother’s bathroom.  Not much sillage, I can only smell it on myself if I put my face right up against my wrist.  This eventually becomes a soft popouri floral scent, not cloying and awful but more a bathroom cleaner scent than something I’d like to put on my body.  I actually may use it for that, since I’m a little tired of the cheapo bathroom candle and fantastic cleaner scent my bathroom is currently featuring.

THEM: cassis, cherry, fig, sugar, and musk

There is something in this and sweet violet that smells similar, and cheapens the scent.  I guess maybe it’s the sugar.  I’m getting a bit of musk, but mostly just sour fig and sugar.  It’s funny, I bought a whole bunch of sugary fig perfumes thinking I liked that scent, but I think…. I don’t.  It may be time to give up on that.

Eat Me: inspired by the smell of cupcakes with creamy vanilla frosting

Cheap vanilla sugarbomb.  This is the very definition of cloying sugary yuck, right out of the bottle.  It drys down to a less intense version of this.  I went through a “buy every vanilla lip gloss” phase, and this is the same scent they all have.  It’s not a bad smell… it’s just way too foodie vanilla for me.  (What did I expect?)

Apricot Fluff: apricot and marshmallow fluff

Fruity and sweet, kind of boring.  This scent started to fade immediately when I put it on, and it turned a little stale smelling.  It reminds me of the years old halloween taffy things that my grandparents had in one of the cabinets in the living room when I was a kid.  Sweet, old, musty.

Bad Witch: (free sample!) nag champa, frankincense, sandalwood, & dragon’s blood, with a touch of patchouli

This is everything I feared about indie scents before I started getting into them.  I’m not even going to review this since it’s sooooo far from something I would pick myself and I think it wouldn’t be fair.  It’s really nice to get a free sample with purchases, and I actually really appreciate when shops throw in something really different from what I ordered.  That’s how you find new things, right?  But some things will never be my kind of thing, and this scent family is one of those.


Reviewing what’s currently in the store, I don’t think what I ordered is indicative of the store’s best work.  Many of the scents are head shop/hippish incense smells, and I avoid those, so I have to think that probably the ones I was drawn to are not their speciality.

There is a sale on right now, where Halloween is 44% off, which is a great deal since the perfumes are really not expensive to start with.

But, that being said, I won’t order from them again, since nothing worked for me.